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Pawprints Reward Club

Welcome to our Rewards page! We are so excited to share with you the different programs we have available to help you SAVE! Our rewards program is FREE TO JOIN! Learn more about our different reward program benefits below.

Frequent Buyer Program

Buy 12 bags (same brand, size, and species) and receive the 13th bag free*.  You can earn and redeem rewards whether you shop online or in-store and there is no limit to the number of Frequent Buyer Cards you can have.  All complete and balanced diets (raw, freeze dried, air dried, dehydrated, or kibble) and all cat litters are covered under a Frequent Buyer Program.  

One of the newest additions is our partnership with Astro Loyalty.  You can now download our customized mobile app to your smart phone that tracks your purchases and frequent buyer cards!  With the mobile app your Frequent Buyer Cards will be right at your fingertips. The only requirement is a valid email address (registered with our in-store computer system). 

To download the app and access your purchase history, complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure we have a valid and current email address attached to your customer record. (You can ask any team member to check this during your next in-store visit, or give us a call).
  2. Click the Astro Loyalty link or logo to access our custom download page.
  3. Download the app and register using the same email address we have on file for your customer record.
  4. Start Saving!

  5. The great benefit of our program is that there are no receipts to save, no UPC codes to cut out and no annoying cards to keep track of. Our computer system records all purchases and lets you decide when to redeem your reward!

    For a complete listing of eligible brands, click the Astro logo and then click the Frequent Buyer Programs button on our custom Astro Loyalty page.
    *When you mix and match different product price levels, your free bag will always be the least expensive variety purchased within each brand and size category.

    Astro Offers

    Our partnership with Astro Loyalty includes Astro Offers, which provides exclusive access to manufacturer discounts and special promotions that we pass along to you. You can receive Free Items or dollars off specific products simply by showing us the screen on your smartphone. No coupons to clip or exchange. Save money the contactless way!

    Earning Pawprints 

    Every dollar you spend on canned or nonfood merchandise becomes a Pawprint. Earn 500 Pawprints for a 15% Reward off any merchandise purchase of your choice! Each 15% Reward is valid for 90 days and can only be redeemed in-store.

Loyal Friends

To recognize our most loyal friends, the Pawprints Reward Club tracks each purchase. At the end of every quarter, we report the Top 20 customers from the previous 90 days and provide them with a Thank You Discount on all merchandise purchases for the following 90 days. Big Dogs receive 10% off while Cool Cats receive 8% off all merchandise purchases.

Can Case Discounts

Buy your canned food in case quantities to receive a case discount. You can mix and match brands and flavors for a 5% discount. If you buy a complete case of the same flavor, you receive a 7% volume discount (no mix and match allowed). 

Squeaky Clean Club

Bathe your pet 7 times and get the 8th session free! If you are the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) type when it comes to grooming your pet, you should join our Squeaky Clean Club. Use one of our three fully enclosed private bathing areas to get your furry friend squeaky clean, and get the 8th session free!

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